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Tuesday 5th of December, 2017. 06.30 AM to 07.30 AM (11 months ago)

Webinar Jam Studio Any places and anywhere New Delhi, India

Are you ready for a Done-For-You Turnkey E-Commerce Business?

Are you ready to generate USD income weekly through Global Online Business?

Are you ready to Activate your E-Commerce Platform Business and let the USD flow into your account weekly?

We understand that there are many Business Opportunity circulating around in the market. Do you heard about Amway, NuSkin, Shakelee, Return Legacy and so on.... We are very sure that you have heard of it, maybe from your friends, your relatives or even your insurance agent.

We also understand that above are good platform for you to generate part time income.

BUT, do you wish to:

- Run through your contact list to search for your friends, family members, doctors, vet, insurance agent and so on...

- Making appointment with the people you know and start meeting them face to face every night?

- Keep on attending motivation seminar to motivate yourself not to give up and keep on searching for friends to talk to, in order to make sales from them?

IF all the questions above are a BIG NO to you, we totally get it. Because we are also like one of you, who are full-time employees that suffer from 8-5 JOB, and wish to utilize our night time to accompany with our families. At the same time, worrying about the increase in price of daily consumables, daily expenses and to clear debts every month's end. Paying bills for credit cards, loans, and all those utility bills. Well, do we really have enough time to increase our monthly income or we are just HOPING for increment of salary?

How many percent increment are you looking for per year? Maximum 5%?

Will it be enough to get through all these inflation?

Be frank to yourself, it is not enough at all. NOW, we are here to share with you a good news.

What I about to show you is a business platform, a marketing strategy where we stumbled across in year 2014. With this platform and with this strategy, we are able to generate USD income every week! With such 4 figures USD income every month, we are relief from chasing for money to clear debts.

Do you wish to have that? We know that selling business are highly depends on LEADS, which means those customers that you don't know and from all around the world. Thats why, generating leads are most important part in most of the business.

With this reason, we would like to invite you to join our FREE Webinar so that you can learn and find out more how we are using unconventional way for doing this home based business differently from other conventional marketers out there.

What you are going to see in this Webinar will be:

- How to use sales funnels to get your leads online everyday to make sure you got new customer to the e-Commerce platform.

- How can you generate weekly commission.

- How a social proof strategies applied to the e-Commerce Platform and create success stories all around the world.

- How can you acquired training for FREE to coach and guide you to make money Online. - How to generate leads Online with FREE methods.

- How to activate your Money Making e-Commerce Direct Selling platform and start generating USD income right after the Webinar.

- And many more.

There will be limited slot for each Webinar session, thus, we have listed down several sessions

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