How do I join the network?
IEBF is an invitation network only; once you’ve been invited to the network you should receive an email immediately with a personalised signup link.
When you receive the email just click accept and it will take you to a page where you will be asked for your name as you wish it to appear on the site and for a password to secure your account.
Logging in in the future, you will be asked for an email and password. The email will be the address at which you received the invitation, and your password will be whatever you set in the previous step.
I forgot my password.
On the login page, under can’t log in, click “forgotten your password?” or alternatively click here
How do I change my password?
Once you’ve successfully signed in, click “Profile”, then “Edit your details” now click “Click here to change your password or cancel your account”.
Who provides the service?
Will you sell my details to a third party?
We will never sell your details to a third party
How do I know that you won’t spam me?
All registered members have the option to receive these communications; we won’t send you any messages other than service related emails.
Where do I go if I have a complaint?
You can contact us here
What will it cost me?
This is a free service to all users
What is in it for me?
An opportunity to communicate, interact and learn from other Business minded users.
What happens if I terminate my membership of IEBF?
You will be deleted from our system and all communications will stop.
What happens if I receive more than one invitation?
If you have been invited more than once, it doesn't matter which email you click on. Either will work, and you can only have one account per email address anyway.