What is the IEBF?

Indo European Business Forum is  an open forum of like minded people who believe in simple truth:

“India can offer strong and sustained business opportunity for European Union countries”.

IEBF is supported by leading personalities from India and EU from a variety of sectors. Our advisory board consist of people who shape the world.

The IEBF Strives to:-

  • Provide platform to share knowledge, experience and opinions related to doing business in India and EU.
  • Share information related to resources available on print media and on internet that offer knowledge, Information and expertise of doing business in India and EU.
  • Share relevant data amongst various UK, EU and Indian companies who wish to exploit Commercial Opportunities in India and EU and to organize events to share such data amongst interested participants.

Mission and Vision

Our prime mission is to promote and encourage European investment in India and vice versa and contribute to the development of India and Europe.

We also look to develop trade, commerce and economic co-operation among Europe and India. To organise trade and investment delegations, trade fairs, events, exhibitions, symposiums etc to provide channel of communication within the business communities and of India and Europe.

To create awareness among Indian and European Institutions including various trade bodies with an idea to provide them information about the scope of Investments and business relations among India and Europe.

Indo European Business Forum is a meeting platform for business leaders, created to strengthen economic co-operation between business sectors of India and Europe.
Our role is to act as a facilitator between EU and Indian Business and provide quality and superior service to its members enabling their business to flourish and to strengthen Business relations between EU and India.

IEBF organises events and Business seminars so that business from both the regions can interact freely. We provide a platform for business from both the regions to interact and explore possibilities of Potential Investments, exports, imports, joint ventures etc.

The Strategic Importance of the Relationship

India-EU relations have developed substantially since the adoption of the 1993 Declaration. In the economic sphere, ties have expanded and we have worked closely together to strengthen the multilateral trading system and to pursue a constructive dialogue on trade, investment and economic cooperation.

India and the EU, as the largest democracies in the world, share common values and beliefs that make them natural partners as well as factors of stability in the present world order. We share a common commitment to democracy, pluralism, human rights and the rule of law, to an independent judiciary and media. India and the EU also have much to contribute towards fostering a rule-based international order, be it through the United Nations (UN) or through the World Trade Organization (WTO).

We hold a common belief in the fundamental importance of multilateralism in accordance with the UN Charter and in the essential role of the UN for maintaining international peace and security, promoting the economic and social advancement of all the people and meeting global threats and challenges.